Goodmaysys Softwares offers bespoke software development, consultancy and integration into existing software applications, for payment processing via a SWIFT payment gateway over secured SWIFT network. Our expert consultants provide both business and technical solutions to help automate the payment messages emanating from existing systems into SWIFT network.

By adopting SWIFT standards the Payment Institutions, Corporate, Business Houses, Brokers, Banks, Building Societies, etc, can electronically process the key messages:

  • MT103 Customer Transfer
  • MT101 Request for Transfer
  • MT192 Request for Cancellation
  • MT195 Queries
  • MT106 Answers
  • MT199 Freeformat Message
  • MT199 Notice of Rejection
  • MT103 Returned Payment
  • MT202 Returned Payment
  • MT900 Confirmation of Debit
  • MT910 Confirmation of Credit
  • MT103 Customer Transfer as Credit Advice
  • MT940 Customer Statement Message
  • MT942 Interim Transaction Report
  • MT998 Relay Messages


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Secured high value payments
  • Batch payments
  • Retail payments
  • Automatic Reconciliation