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Goodmaysys Software brings you the latest technology based online case management system. Integlaw is developed focusing on the management of the documents, cases, caseworkers, and fee earners. Integlaw is fully equipped with latest features which enable the legal firms to incorporate their whole in-house work into a single online platform. Integlaw provides a high heel advantage to the legal firms with its high speed and accuracy.


Integlaw-Case Management Software Features:

  • Accounts Integration: Integlaw has all one office systems which are integrated with the accounting features such as e-billing, fees disbursements, ledgers etc. A user can generate receipts according to the cases.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It provides all marketing support which a Solicitor/Law firm requires to expand his clientele. The CRM feature of Integlaw highlights the updates about each prospect.
  • Data Storage: All information related to a particular case is stored without any errors or redundancy. This helps the solicitors to access information quickly and effortlessly.
  • Diary: The option of centralised diary gives the proactive approach to the legal firm for better in-house operations .The diary shows the workflow of the particular case along with important hearing dates and events.
  • Automation: Automation of similar cases saves the time of the solicitors/Law firm in a big way.
  • Document Management: Document management feature of Integlaw helps the solicitors/Law firms store the all related documents of a particular case efficiently. It allows the user to quickly upload any kind of a scanned document to the system.
  • Forms and letters: In Integlaw, there are 13 major format types which are used by different legal firms.
  • Time-recording: Integlaw allows the solicitors/Law firm to record the time efficiently and also let them choose the rates at which the call has to be recorded.
  • Online Presence: Integlaw case management software can operate online and can be accessed from multiple office locations. Its high speed and accuracy make it versatile and proactive in managing cases and clients respectively.