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ELECTRONIC MONEY- Electronic way to exchange money

Goodmaysys Software provides such a platform where making payments and doing transaction becomes easy- Electronic Money Payment Services is one of the facilities that we serve to our clients and customers who are engaged in regular payments and business transactions.

Electronic Money is alternative to cash and its this advantage have captured a large financial market. E-Money is a digital version of cash which is stored and transferred electronically by various means like:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Smart cards etc

It is a digital currency which is like any flat currency and values vary as per markets.

Benefits that our clients/customers get through our electronic money Services are:

  • Provides alternative ways of exchanging money instead of credit/debit cards
  • New and secure payment service
  • improved customer service and supports
  • Facilitate easy payment and give the payee more confidence in not letting go of their electronic wallet during the transaction
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Electronic transactions are recorded in the database so users can easily get information about expenses.

Our 'GSL eMoney' is a suite of customisable software products designed for the Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Service providers.

  • Launch your own branded product within days.
  • Accepts customer deposits in any currency.
  • Unique customer deposit account, just like a bank account.
  • Conversion of currencies from one to the other.
  • Money Transfer in any currency.
  • Live Foreign Exchange quotes.
  • Immediate payment to other member customers, having an active account.
  • Payments via bank files, local or SWIFT files.
  • Deposit money using bank transfer or debit card.
  • Full bank reconciliation report.
  • Full Financial Ledger Accounting with real-time journal entriesp posting.
  • Full statement report.
  • Secured authentication and encryption of key records.
  • Highly available, scalable and customisable platform for consistent growth opportunities.


eWallet Services

Electronic Wallets are very similar to bank accounts, wherein customers can hold the money in any currency, that can be used later for various purposes, such as payments, local or overseas money transfers, paying utility bills, prepaid cards and so on.

Customers can easily convert the money from one currency into another, and vice-versa, almost immediately, with best possible exchange rates. Customers can choose to deposit money in cash in the designated bank branch locations across the UK, or bank transfer from their own bank accounts.

Customers can make the payments in any currency to their intended beneficiaries, both locally and world-wide. Our innovative software solutions for Electronic Money Institutions accelerates and cuts down the time to market and help them launch their own platform. The eligible Institutional Clients must have a license to hold client money, authorised and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.