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Expand Your Forex Trading Business

Goodmaysys Software online deal booking solution is a full and complete system for FX delivery transactions. This is the online solution that allows your customer to buy and sell currencies in order to transfer their funds to their designated beneficiary world-wide. It is extremely important for foreign exchange firms to keep the reasonable profit margin under best possible real-time rates, and serve the customers better that anywhere else. Automated dealing and settlement solution is the key to business growth.

Our solution is affordable for big as well as small-size companies. We work on different pricing modules. We work out pricing based on the amount of efforts during project estimation. We need to first provide you the demonstration of the product and understand your current business processes, and how much we need to automate. Thereafter, based upon the efforts required, we shall be able to provide you with the cost element.

Key Benefits:

  • Realise best booking rates amongst several liquidity providers (20+) with real-time prices and comprehensive execution mechanism in 200+ currency pairs.
  • Immediate confirmation of deal booking with the counter party and realise profits in real-time.
  • Real-time funds remittance, via SWIFT to customer’s recipients on designated date, after confirmation of cleared funds.
  • Automated posting of the deal entries and profits into accounting systems.
  • Online reports for recent and historical transactions.
  • Ability to accept online or offline orders.
  • Small to large secured transactions.
  • Integration with the existing legacy system.
  • SaaS-based architecture, with possibilities to serve other strategic products.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Follow FSA compliance standards.
  • Follow PCI-DSS compliance standards.
  • Customer’s verification checked against HM Treasury Financial sanctions list.
  • Ability to manage trades, beneficiaries, debit-cards, notifications, remittance status online 24x7.

International payments

Delivery & Settlement Methods:

Our company can send and receive funds in a wide variety of medium, global or otherwise. Goodmaysys Software experts can minutely trace and verify any of transactions. These include:

  • Wires,
  • faster payments,
  • bill payments and
  • bank giro transfers