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Electronic way to exchange money

Spot Contracts

In today's business world, sometimes need to make an urgent international payment, for that Goodmaysys Software provides spot contract service which is the swift currency payment solution.

We help our clients to secure an advantageous exchange rate at the time of transfer and ensuring that their payment is carried out swiftly and securely.

Forward Contracts

Goodmaysys Software forward contract the protect business against currency fluctuations by allowing clients to lock in an advantageous exchange rate up to two years' in advance. Forward Contarcts Payment Currency solution is useful if business has future international payment commitments it can help clients to protect their profit margins and create precise budgets.

Market Orders

Market orders are used if clients don't need to make a payment instantly and think that the market rates for a currency could improve in their favour. Clients can automatically exchange at more competitive rates without having watch on the markets prevailing rates.

Bulk Payments

Goodmaysys Software bulk payment currency solution is exemplary for companies making regular batch payments/mass payments, which can include payments of funds to multiple recipients; paying multiple suppliers or contractors, or any other multiple domestic or international payments.

With this service, business will benefit by:

  • Immediate payments, to the right person
  • With the possibility of scheduling the operation for a future date
  • Does not require the installation of a specific IT solution for the files
  • Reduction of costs

Regular Payments

Regular Payment solutions will facilitate you in making business regular international money transfers. We assist clients to make payments to:

  • suppliers
  • maintaining an overseas office
  • paying overseas employees
  • Personal Transfer etc.

Benefits of the Business Currency Exchange Service:

  • Competitive foreign exchange rates
  • Financially secure
  • Fix your costs
  • No commission